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Slow dancing with nature…slow foods.

Bluebird Box NEW Online Ordering Option

If you would like to order online with Bluebird CSA we invite you to click here.


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Welcome to Bluebird CSA


Bluebird CSA Georgia Grown Strawberries

You may addon fruit to your CSA box share.

Strawberries in local fields photographed April 2010.

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Bluebird Box Encourages Slow Foods

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Bluebird Box Earth-to-Table Happy Earth Day

Taking part in sustainable agriculture through a Community Supported Agriculture program like Bluebird CSA share boxes is an Earth-Friendly solution.

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Produce Boxes

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Bluebird CSA Add Ons

Produce boxes will be delivered at no additional charge to Tradeport EVERY Thursday morning.

The following types and sizes of produce boxes and addons are available:
Sampler Box  (perpetual sample variety startup box)
Full:  $50
Half: $30
Quarter: $15
Vegetable Share
Full:  $50
Half: $30
Quarter: $15
Fruit Share Addon
Full:  $8.00
Half: $6.00

Quarter: $3.00


Farmhouse Baked Goods Addon: 2 family size loaves of whole wheat bread and one 8 oz. jar of local honey, jelly, or fruit butter (variety varies weekly).
Blue Ribbon Addon:  An assortment of blue ribbon winning or certified kitchen jams, jellies and relishes such as mild chow chow, apple butter, hot pepper jelly, hot pepper sauce, sweet onion relish, local honey, marmalade, strawberry preserves and stewed tomatoes.
Bluebird Blend Coffee & Tea Addon: Coffee beans and tea assortment


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Bluebird CSA Payment Options

Several different payment options are also available:


1) You can pre-pay for 12 boxes by completing the CSA contract at The great thing about this program is you can just email Bluebird ( by Monday afternoon whenever you may need to skip an upcoming Thursday box. You don’t have to receive all 12 boxes 12 weeks in a row.
2) You can sign up and prepay for 4 boxes at at time. Tradeport members may prepay by giving your check (made out to Bluebird Market) to Belinda Wernau (Office # 1417 in Air Protection).  Just email Bluebird ( by Monday afternoon if you need to skip the upcoming Thursday box delivery.  (online payment options are available HERE. No cash, please.)
3) You can just prepay-by-the-week.  Tradeport members may prepay weekly by placing your order and giving your check (made out to Bluebird Market) to Belinda Wernau (Office # 1417 in Air Protection) by Thursday afternoon to receive the upcoming Thursday box.(online payment options are available HERE. No cash, please.)

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Bluebird CSA Affordable Prepay-by-the-Week Program

Prepay by the Week Program:

Currently, we do offer an affordable Prepay-by the-Week program available where no contract is required and no deposit. (However, during peak growing season, you might prefer to invest with your local growers and secure a seasonal share, rather than weekly ordering.)

Convenient Options for Payment/Pick Up of your Bluebird CSA Box

Tradeport Pickup Location:  You can just prepay-by-the-week by placing your order and giving your check (made out to Bluebird Market) to Belinda Wernau (Office # 1417 in Air Protection) by Thursday afternoon to receive the upcoming Thursday box. (No online payment options are available at this time. No cash, please.)

Bluebird Market Pickup Location:  Bluebird CSA weekly sample quarter box shares begin at $15.00 payable to Bluebird Market, located at 218 N. Center Street, Thomaston, GA, the week prior to distribution.  Pick up your share box at the market the following week. 

Liberty Technology Griffin Pickup Location:  You may see staff at Liberty Technology 120 E. Taylor Street, Griffin, and prepay on Saturday for your share box to be picked up at Liberty Technology the following Saturday afternoon.  Please call 770-229-9424 before pickup to insure your box has arrived on Saturday afternoon before closing at 4 pm.

Payment via Mail for all options (prepay for following week pickup):  You may mail your check to:  Bluebird Market, 274 Vineyard Road, Thomaston, GA 30286.

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Bluebird CSA Veggie Boxes Suitable for Your Size Family

Size of Vegetable Shares and Fruit Addons

You may choose the size to meet your families needs of seasonal vegetables with fruit addon boxes.

Full Share: The full vegetable share consists of about 8-10 items that will weigh about 8-10 pounds. A full share of vegetables will usually feed 4 family members, depending on serving sizes. A full fruit share addon provides about 2 pints or 2 lbs of fruits per week and is suitable for a family of 4 members.

Half Share: The half vegetable share has a weight of about 4-5 pounds. It will
adequately feed a family of 2 people or 1 vegetarian. The half fruit share consists of about 1 pint or 1 pound of fruit per week.

Quarter Share: The quarter vegetable share has a weight of about 2-4 pounds and will adequately feed a family of 1 person. The quarter fruit share consists of about ½ pint or ½ lb of fruit per week.




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